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We’ve changed what you can expect from a “flyer distribution” company using USDS GPS technology. It’s an industry first to guarantee accountability through simple GPS reports that were traditionally offered by the post office. Ours is a proven method of marketing, advertising and branding backed by the power of technology, process and online tools. We call it Direct-to-Door.


MONEYCUBES® was created in 2009 by its founder and current owner. The goal was to modernize one of the oldest forms of advertising: flyer distribution.

In a digital age saturated with sidebar-ads and marketing emails, Direct-to-Door has become more effective than ever. Placing a message directly onto the front door doesn't just guarantee exposure, it also demonstrates a work ethic and level of commitment to customers that is not self-evident in digital marketing.

Our goal is to help you attract more customers so that your profits will increase the same way they have for our clients.

We are at your service.

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Our Team

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Petros Amanitidis

Founder & CEO
  • Email:
  • Languages: English, Greek, French

Petro has been in the advertising business for over 20 years. In 2009 he founded MoneyCubes. He is an accomplished graphic designer, entrepreneur, and mixed martial artist.

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Kari Jolay

Sales & Support
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  • Languages: English

Kari has a strong customer relations background working with companies such as Outback Steakhouse. She is also a professional photographer.

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Jose Velarde

  • Email:
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Jose has an engineering and mathematics background and began his career working for Motorola. He has been in the advertising industry for the last 13 years, where he applies his technical expertise to logistics.

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Ryan McCloskey

  • Email:
  • Languages: English, Chinese

Ryan graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Computer Science. He works with Petro to develop websites and internal systems. Having spent 10 years in China, he is also fluent in mandarin Chinese.

Vital Components

Direct-to-Door may be seem conceptually simple but there are several crucial factors that will determine the success of a program.

Strong Offer

The ads of our most successful customers move customers to action with strong offers. The idea is to reward your customers for responding to your advertisement.

Visual Design

Words alone aren't enough. An ad placed on a front door is guaranteed to be seen which makes it effective. To make it extremely effective, the ad must be memorable!

Print Selection

Printing decisions play a critical role in how your company is perceived. Print size, coloring, finishing, and paper stock all convey meaningful information about your company's character and value proposition.


Where you deliver your message is critically important. We provide location analytics and demographics combined with our years of experience to help you reach the areas with the highest potential customers.


We deliver millions of ads every year which requires significant logistical oversight. Printed ads need to be entered into inventory and counted then supplied to the appropriate carriers for valley-wide distribution.

Coordination & Supervision

It is impossible for a single person to reach 5,000 homes in a day. Each carrier crew has a supervisor that provides transportation and coordinates the walking routes of each carrier.

Industry Exclusivity

We give you exclusive delivery within your industry for your target areas. We will never distribute the message of a competitor at the same time that we deliver yours. Call to discuss the various levels of Industry Exclusivity.

High Carrier Pay

We compensate our carriers at significantly higher rates because we require them to meticulously deliver every ad and respect "no soliciting" signs.

Delivery Verification

We use live-GPS to ensure accuracy and accountability. Most importantly, you can purchase a report(s) the same way you would purchase Certified Mail from the post office.

USDS Technology

MONEYCUBES® is a proud affiliate of United States Door Service which is a technology systems developer and integrator.

The sophisticated suite of tools we’ve developed, combined with our experienced team, is what produces the exceptional results that our clients are seeking.

  • State Specific Online Portals
  • Geolocation Analysis & Mapping
  • Estimation & Real Cost Calculators
  • Accuracy Optimization & Verification

GPS Reporting

Peace of mind for only $45

The post office charges 50¢ per stamp, and $3.77 for Certified Mail tracking; that’s a 754% mark-up.

Our rate is as low as 14¢, and our GPS Report is equivalent to under 1¢, which is less than a 7% mark-up.

Best of all, you can order the report even after the distribution is completed. Post-delivery verification is not offered by the Post Office.

How does it work? Every time we place your ad on a front door, we press a button on our live GPS device which creates a data point in our system. Without these data points, all you have is a walk around the block.

Reports show you exactly where these points were made on a map which is how you know the deliver was completed accurately.

Industry Exclusivity

Now you can lock out your competitors and lock in Industry Exclusivity.

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Industry Exclusivity is a key component of the tremendous success we achieve for our clients. Making sure that you are the only brand in your specific field/industry is vital, and, no other form of media offers this component.

Imagine a world without competition! What would that mean to the effectiveness of your marketing, advertising and branding? Through MONEYCUBES®, you can lock out your competitors and lock in brand awareness.

These are our Levels of Industry Exclusivity which are based on intensity and frequency of distributions:

  • Distribution Week Exclusivity
  • Trade Area Industry Exclusivity
  • Regional Industry Exclusivity
  • Valley Wide Industry Exclusivity

Winning Formula

Regardless of your business model, there exists a formula that will allow you to profit consistently from Direct-to-Door.

Variables You Control

Delivery Dates



Target Areas

Graphic Presentation

Print Choice

Offer Strength


Case Study: Landscaping Client

Prior to working with MONEYCUBES® a landscaping company spent years using trial and error trying to attract customers.

We helped them define a Winning FORMULA which has generated a steady influx of new business.

Delivery Dates: Monday thru Friday except for during the winter.

Volume & Frequency: 80,000 homes per month. 5,000 homes per each daily delivery.

Target Areas: Deliver pieces across the entire east valley. Rotate weekly on a 6 week cycle.

Graphic Presentation: Basic graphic design. Company logo, contact information and services offered.

Print Choice: Media: business card, Size: 2” x 3.5”, Paper Stock: 14pt Card Stock, Graphics: Basic Vector, Colors: 2/0.

Offer Strength: No offers or discounts.

Tracking: Correlate new customers to delivery areas.

Client Progression


Many customers start out wanting to try flyer distribution or needing a new vendor.

Apprehension is healthy because it’s not easy to try a new tactic, let alone try a new vendor.


These customers believe that flyer distribution can be effective when executed properly.

They are interested in exploring different ways to define a winning FORMULA.


At this stage, clients know from experience that our services produce exponential results.

With our help, they’ve defined a winning FORMULA.

Metrics & Impact

If metrics are important to your decision-making process, consider that only Direct-to-Door can achieve 100%:

  • Industry Exclusivity: 100% competition free advertising.
  • Exposure Guaranteed: 100% visual exposure to your advertisement because nobody walks up to their door with their eyes closed.
  • Touch Impact: 100% touch impact because to remove a Direct-to-Door ad, you have to touch it.
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2015 Jan


2016 Jan

MoneyCubes begins using USDS Technology

2017 Dec

City of Tucson: We landed the contract

2018 Nov

New Estimator tool changes the game


Affiliate program created


Supported small businesses during the pandemic


Surpassed 12 million flyer/doorhangers distributed


First to Market with Guaranteed Sales program

Media Kit

Build your Brand!

Our Media Kit contains a sample of the graphics we can produce for your business. Click on the button below to download the PDF version.

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We are honored and inspired by these fighters and coaches who represent our brand. They remind us that in order to achieve greatness, you have to outwork the competition, every day, without exception.

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MONEYCUBES® combines Old-School work ethic and integrity with New-School Technology.

We brought the best of both worlds together in order to revolutionize the flyer distribution industry. You generate exceptional results for your business, every time you use our services.

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