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The money you invest in advertising, marketing and branding should generate exponential returns. It’s why we named our company MONEYCUBES® — as in your money, cubed.

You’ve come to the right place if your business needs:

  • More Customers
  • Higher Profits
  • Industry Exclusivity
  • GPS Verified Distribution

Our services are powered by technology and a process designed to produce results. We guarantee accuracy and accountability which is an industry first in Arizona, and we are proud to be the only USDS affiliate in the state.

We also offer Creative and Advanced services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Exponential Results

Everything we do is focused on generating exponential results for your business. These results have been achieved by clients who use a proven FORMULA which we have helped them identify.

Coupon Redemption

Sunny’s achieved a 5.4% redemption rate; 810 parties of customers through the door. How much profit will your redemption rate generate for you?

Per Store Increase

What could a 35% increase in sales mean to your bottom line this year? With this high a return, how much easier will you achieve your goals?

Exposure Guaranteed

Nobody walks up to their front door with their eyes closed. There is no chance your ad will be missed. What does that mean for your business?

Return on Investment

Our services helped our clients achieve this high a return. Why wait to move from basic flyer distribution to a Direct-to-Door Program with advanced support?

Services Overview


Design & Development

  • Naming & Slogans
  • Corporate Identity Packages
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Multimedia Production
  • Stock Images & Photo Editing
  • Commercial Videography
  • Signage & Promotional Products
  • Web Design and Development


Print Media Distribution

  • Flyer Distribution
  • Direct-to-Door Programs
  • Direct-Mail Programs
  • DOORBOARD Program
  • Graphic Design
  • Full Service Printing
  • B2B Distribution
  • Call Tracking


Consulting & Execution

  • GAMEPLAN / Project Architecture
  • Carrier Crew Capacity Sourcing
  • Geofencing & Geolocation Analysis
  • Custom Software Development
  • Effective Offer Generation
  • Response Tracking Tactics
  • Program Analysis & Evolution
  • Marketing Formula Determination



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Pieces Delivered


We have used MONEYCUBES for all our sixteen Phoenix locations every week for over two years. Their printing is excellent and every distribution helps us increase sales.

They are the only company I trust because they are honest, their rates offer the best value, and they use the latest technology.

Andy G | Owner

16 Hungry Howie's Pizza Locations
MONEYCUBES is the very best flyer distribution company we have used over the last seven years! We recommend them because they can be trusted, and, when it comes to direct-to-door distribution, nothing is more important.

Manuel N | Owner

Nieto Landscaping LLC
MONEYCUBES is an incredible company and they have been a huge part of our business. We had originally agreed to try them out for a few months, but MONEYCUBES is now an essential part of our marketing budget. Previously, we have used other flyer companies and had very mixed results with the flyer programs they offered. It was common to have flyers not delivered in areas that we had agreed upon and management didn't know where the flyers went and how they ended up in the wrong place. MONEYCUBES listened to our concerns and throughout the last year, they have delivered on their commitments to us. They are always proactive and are passionate about their business and results!

EcoGuard Pest

From the beginning, they were transparent about the process and the pricing. We’ve worked with them for years now and have been satisfied every time. They’re very communicative throughout the delivery period and willing to assist wherever it’s needed!

Hannah B. | Marketing

Harmon Solar
MONEYCUBES has given us a simple way to reach many job seekers and ultimately helped us achieve our goal of providing excellent service.

The bottom line is, we trust them to place our flyers directly onto the front door of homes throughout the valley.

Sean K | Regional Director

Arizona Mentor
MONEYCUBES has been delivering our flyers for about a year and do a fantastic job. They are reliable and honest. We've tried other companies and they lie about delivering. The staff at MONEYCUBES are easy to communicate with and take care of any issues right away. Their printing rates are competitive, and our cards look great resulting in increased sales. We would recommend MONEYCUBES to any company looking to increase revenue.

San Tan Water Solutions

Wanted to give some feedback on MONEYCUBES. They put out 240,000 doorhangers for me last year, they printed and distributed them for us over the course of the summer. They did a great job, they were transparent with everything, they talked to us about what was needed, did more off open discussions, to make sure we had a plan. They always told us when and where they were distributing. It was a great experience and MONEYCUBES did a great job and I definitely recommend them.

Cory | Owner

Green Machine Pest Control
Over 13 years we have tried many different flyer distribution and printing companies. They ALL promised big things, but always under-deliver. This is NOT the case with MONEYCUBES!!

Since we started using MONEYCUBES in early 2018 we have seen a major increase in business and have already scheduled all of our distributions for 2019. MONEYCUBES brings results as promised, plus they are easy to work with. I look forward to working with them for many years to come!!

Brett M | Owner

NuLawn Landscape
5.4% response rate. What else can I say?

We reached 15,000 homes with a flyer designed, printed and delivered by MONEYCUBES. 812 coupons were redeemed at our new location.

The profits were unbelievable, and the amount of new customers launched our new location! The hardest part was trusting their team when they insisted that we come up with aggressive offers. They were 100% right! I highly recommend you look into seeing what they can do for your business.

Alex P | Owner

Sunny’s Diner
We had the opportunity to use MONEYCUBES and were very pleased. We had done other forms of advertising using EDDM’s and flyers in the past. They got to be pretty pricey and that is what drew us to MONEYCUBES. They have great rates that can’t be beat.

I would highly recommend using them.

Tyler B | Manager

Preventive Pest Control - East Valley
MONEYCUBES really did a great job for us. Even with the record rain in October they were still able to meet our deadline and produced quality prints for our constituents.

Samuel P | Council Assistant

City of Glendale

Your company has genuinely impressed me. Not only was your work attitude enthusiastic, you were patient, and your tactics have caused our business to thrive.

Meggie C | Owner

Hotwok Chinese Restaurant | Tempe, AZ
I have been in business for over nine years and I’ve used various companies to distribute door-to-door ads. MONEYCUBES is head and shoulders above the rest. Working with the team is easy. They keep me informed with what is going on. Their services increase business every single time. I do recommend this company.

Scott | Owner

Rhino Exteriors
MONEYCUBES has been wonderful to work with! I really appreciate how thorough they are in making sure that all the business cards are actually delivered to the doors! Flyer distribution is a hard business model to run and I’m so thankful we have one here locally that does such a great job!

Ambri | Owner

The Art of Grooming
We partnered with MONEYCUBES, to strategically target underperforming stores, and to blunt competitive intrusion. Their system of distributing to 5,000 homes and/or apartments, per campaign, allowed us to manage service due to the immediate increase of calls. We received timely communication, and they got the distributions completed, when they said they would. This made our staffing plans efficient and profitable. We trusted MONEYCUBES and they delivered.

Damon | Owner

Papa John’s - Retail Sales of America
We have used Money Cubes for a few years now. We didn't feel our mailers that were being sent out were getting the ROI we wanted due to high cost and relatively few coming into our business because of the mailers. We decided to try using a door to door flyer service with Money Cubes and have received an improved response due to better home-owner visibility than mailers, at a lower overall cost. We are also able to get into newly constructed neighborhoods that were not yet on mailer routes. We are happy with our relationship with Money Cubes and look forward to our ongoing partnership.

Mountain Vista Dental Care

My name is Zavier Hafiz, the Director of Operations at AireBeam, and I am thrilled to endorse MoneyCubes for their exceptional door hanger and flyer delivery services. We have used their services multiple times and have consistently achieved great success. MoneyCubes' team has shown dedication to our success, tailoring each campaign to our marketing objectives and ensuring our message reaches the right audience. Their attention to detail and professional approach has led to increased foot traffic and conversions for AireBeam. Working with MoneyCubes has been seamless, thanks to their prompt communication and customer-centric mindset. Their innovative strategies have optimized our marketing campaigns, resulting in improved ROI and brand recognition. I wholeheartedly recommend MoneyCubes to any business seeking a reliable and exceptional direct marketing partner.

Zavier Hafiz | Director of Operations




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MONEYCUBES® combines Old-School work ethic and integrity with New-School Technology.

We brought the best of both worlds together in order to revolutionize the flyer distribution industry. You generate exceptional results for your business, every time you use our services.

Call today to learn more about how we can help. We are at your service!

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