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15¢ per home
  • Set Dates & Areas
  • +10¢ Tucson & Prescott
  • 5,000 Homes per Area


20¢ per home
  • Chosen Dates
  • Custom Residential Areas
  • 5,000 Homes per Area


25¢ per home
  • Chosen Dates
  • Level 1 Complexity - Areas
  • 5,000 Homes per Area


35¢ - 65¢
  • Chosen Dates
  • Level 2 Complexity - Areas
  • B2B Distribution

National Programs

Exponential ROI is now available in most states. Call to schedule a free consultation. We’ll do the rest including:

  • Gameplan Development
  • Carrier Crew Development
  • Geofencing & Geolocation
  • Custom Software Development
  • Effective Offer Generation
  • Response Tracking Tactics
  • Program Analysis and Evolution
  • Formula Determination
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MONEYCUBES® combines Old-School work ethic and integrity with New-School Technology.

We brought the best of both worlds together in order to revolutionize the flyer distribution industry. You generate exceptional results for your business, every time you use our services.

Call today to learn more about how we can help. We are at your service!

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