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15¢ per home
  • Predetermined Dates & Areas
  • +10¢ in Tucson & Prescott
  • 5,000 Homes per Area


20¢ per home
  • Chosen Dates
  • Custom Residential Areas
  • 5,000 Homes per Area


25¢ - 30¢
  • Chosen Dates
  • Level 1 Complexity - Areas
  • 5,000 Homes per Area


35¢ - 65¢
  • Chosen Dates
  • Level 2 Complexity - Areas
  • Business to Business Distribution

Estimator Tool

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My location on the map suggests I need:

Pilot programs that help define your formula.
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Industry Math 101

Our industry is littered with cheap rates. Why does a cheap price equal cheap service? It’s simple math; a cheap price never covers everything needed to generate exceptional results for your business. Run the numbers yourself; these headings should help.

5,000 Homes

A minimum order is designed to reach 5,000 homes.


How many homes could you walk to in an hour?

Total Hours Needed

How many hours would it take to reach 5,000?

Carrier Pay

How many people are needed, and at what hourly rate?

Logistical & GPS

How much time/money will it take to plan your area and drive people into place? What’s your guess on the cost of cellular based GPS?

Fuel & Vehicle

What would fuel, and vehicles expenses run for a day’s worth of transporting people around your target area throughout the day?

Total Estimated Cost

Using this basic math, you can estimate the costs associated with reaching 5,000 homes in a day and see how much is involved.


By now you see that the price you pay has to be justified, or the company you hire would have to “find a way” to generate profits.

Real Cost Calculator

What did you pay elsewhere?

If you’ve used a “flyer” company, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered if all of your material was delivered. We hear it all the time from new customers. The question is: if you were shorted, what did it actually cost you — what was the REAL COST?


Use the sliders to input the quantity of flyers you paid for, the rate you paid per flyer, and the performance in terms of the percentage that you believe was actually delivered. This estimator will show you the real cost of your last program.

QUANTITY {{formatMoney(quantity,0)}}
RATE ${{formatMoney(rate,2)}}
PERFORMANCE {{performance}}%


Real Rate
Amount Shorted
Real Price | {{formatMoney(quantity,0)}} homes
Our Price | {{formatMoney(quantity,0)}} homes
We could save you


#1: Guaranteed Sales

Call for details.

5,000 Homes
Must order Print.

Distribution plus the cost of Print

Order Now


Design Print & Distribution

15,000 Homes
Reached with Business Cards.


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Design Print & Distribution

30,000 Homes
Reached with Business Cards.


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Package Details and Restrictions
  • Includes Printing, Distribution, and Graphic Layout. Logo trace, photo editing, and photo purchase are excluded.
  • Active Distribution (predetermined dates and areas). Active areas shown in blue on our map. If you prefer Custom areas & dates, add $99 per 5,000.
  • These Packages are available to new customers on their first order. Standard rates apply on subsequent orders.
  • Offer cannot be combined with other rebates, discounts or promos.


15,000 Monthly

13¢/home ACTIVE Save 13%

18¢/home CUSTOM Save 10%

24¢/home DIRECT MAIL Save 3%

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60,000 Monthly

12¢/home ACTIVE Save 20%

17¢/home CUSTOM Save 15%

23¢/home DIRECT MAIL Save 8%

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120,000 Monthly

11¢/home ACTIVE Save 27%

16¢/home CUSTOM Save 20%

21¢/home DIRECT MAIL Save 15%

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Package Details and Restrictions
  • Includes Distribution only. Printing and graphic design services are excluded.
  • No fee when you use our printing services. Additional $45 pickup fee, and 1.5¢ per piece processing fee when using third-party printing.
  • Price Match Guarantee for print on all verifiable third-party printing sites.
  • These Packages are available to new customers on their first order. Standard rates apply on subsequent orders.
  • Offer cannot be combined with other rebates, discounts or promos.

Website Special

Use promo code Site2022 to save 10% on your first order.

This offer is available to new customers that contact us within 7 days from receiving our flyer. If you’re not sure when that was, don’t worry, our GPS software does.

Enter this promo code in the estimator tool to see how much money you will save.

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